On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8, a major gala to celebrate Catherine Hamilton-Kane's achievements becomes the setting for Alice's mad tea-party and her greatest revenge.

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Luke is able to track down Alice's lair using the GPS on a phone Kate nabs off one of Alice's henchmen. Alice explains that she saved Kate from The Rifle even if it looks like she hired him to kill her.
Mary wants Kate to join her at the big humanitarian gala in honor of Catherine but Kate isn't able to get past Catherine's lies and is shocked to hear that Jacob has and will be going with Mary and Catherine.
On his way back to Gotham, Jacob is captured by Alice's goons and wakes up in the basement of the Cartwright house.
Kate confronts Jacob about attending the gala and storms out. When she's venting at Luke, she realizes that the Jacob she talked to must be Mouse.
On the way to the gala, Mary, Catherine, and Jacob share a toast of champagne. At the gala, Catherine's speech is high-jacked and she is forced to read the new script on her teleprompter that confesses that her company has supplied Gotham's criminals with weapons in order to create a market for Jacob's security firm. Her nose starts to bleed and she passes out.
Alice finds Catherine and Mary backstage and offers an antidote for an apology. Catherine does apologize but before she can take the antidote, Mary's nose starts to bleed and Alice points out that there's only enough antidote for one person.
Catherine makes Mary take the antidote. Batwoman confronts Alice but Mouse pushes her over a railing and they get away.
The real Jacob wakes up and is immediately arrested for Catherine's murder.
Mary mourns her mother and cuts her ties with Kate.
Kate and Jacob plan to take down Alice.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8, Mary invites Kate to a celebration of Catherine while Alice and Mouse move forward with their most dangerous plot yet.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kate: Did you hire the Rifle to kill me?
Alice: Says the walking, talking, living girl.

If you are going to kidnap me again, do wait until I can dolly up into something with a little more flair.