On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 9, The Monitor sends groups of heroes out to find the Paragons, seven individuals with the power to defeat the Anti-Monitor

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In the wake of Oliver's death, Mia and Barry decide to use a Lazarus Pit to resurrect him. Sara cautions against it but Mia is adamant. They enlist Constantine to help find a working Lazarus Pit and Sara makes him promise to bring back Oliver's soul as well as his body.
The Monitor informs the team of the existence of seven Paragons who can defeat the Anti-Monitor. Sara and Kara are two Paragons. Two others are known to be a Kryptonian who has suffered great loss and the Bat of the Future. Iris, Clark-38, and Lois head out to find the Kryptonian but Lex Luthor steals the Book of Destiny and goes through the worlds, killing Supermans. On Earth-96, they find a Clark who looks exactly like Ray Palmer. Before he can return with them, Lex arrives and makes the two Supermans fight each other. Lois knocks Lex out and manages to talk Superman-96 back to his normal self.
Kate and Kara travel to Earth-99 and find Bruce and Luke Fox at Wayne Manor. Bruce-99 is in a motorized suit to move, the result of having fought and killed Superman-99. He tries to kill Kara but Kate puts herself in the way. They fight and the suit kills Bruce.
Back on the Wave-Rider, Ray has built a Paragon Detector and Kate is revealed to be the Paragon of Courage.
Kara plans to use the Book of Destiny to bring back Earth-38.
Harbinger is called away and recruited by The Anti-Monitor.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 9, the group uses Ray’s new invention to help track down new recruits in order to assist in saving the universe.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Not to rush a tender moment but I think the multiverse is ending... soonish?

Kate Kane

Oliver died the way he lived. A hero.

Sara Lance