On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13, a vampire targets Gotham and Kate comes to terms with Beth's death. Jacob is freed but finds out things aren't as he left them.

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Nocturna drugs her victims and drains their blood. Jacob is freed from prison and visits Beth's body in the morgue to put "Alice" to rest.
Kate, Luke, and Mary mourn Beth's death and wonder who shot her.
Luke gives Kate the news report on Gotham's vampire. Batwoman stakes out a nightclub and finds a victim being drained in a nearby warehouse. Nocturna attacks her and ties her up, The Crows arrive before she can drain her and Sophie frees Batwoman and covers so that she can get away.
Kate decides to set a trap for Nocturna at the grand opening of her club. Jacob sends Sophie to stake it out and then a possible suspect named Elle starts to hit on her. Kate eliminates Elle from the suspect list and Sophie gets called away by Jacob who has seen the footage from the warehouse.
Alice arrives and demands to know where Mouse is but Kate doesn't know. Alice is attacked by Nocturna when she returns to her hideout. While tied up, she distracts Nocturna by telling her about Mary's blood.
Kate finds Alice and wonders how she's not dead. She realizes Nocturna is hiding out in Gotham Cathedral. She finds Mary being drained there but Alice intercedes and gives her blood to save Mary's life.
Kate beats Nocturna and lets Sophie know where to find her. Unfortunately, Sophie's been suspended by Jacob.
Kate visits Mary and then Alice to cut all ties with her.
Alice realizes that August Cartright has Mouse.
Mary figures out Kate is Batwoman.
Sophie summons Batwoman and kisses her.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13, the Kane Sisters have to partner up to oppose a new villain in Gotham. Jacob returns to command the Crows. Sophie takes a step back.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Luke: Does this mean you're suiting up?
Kate: I've always wanted to slay a vampire.

If my twin picked my alien doppelganger's life over mine, I'd be on the verge of going nuclear. No offense.