On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 14, villains are running rampant through Gotham and secrets are rising to the surface. Sophie's mother visits and Alice is back in the saddle

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In 2011, a girl slices her face with a broken mirror piece. In the present day, she is attacking Gotham's social media stars and slashing their faces.
Sophie and Kate are both cheerful after their intimate encounter. Mary gets the truth out of Sophie and Luke warns Kate about making Sophie a target.
Sophie's mother arrives just as Sophie is convincing Batwoman not to break up with her. Jacob called Sophie's mother and informed her of Sophie's suspension which prompted the visit.
Jacob is approached by a lawyer representing Reggie Harris and reminded that Reggie saved his life in prison. Reggie was convicted of killing Lucius Fox. Jacob questions some of the Crow agents involved in the arrest and suspects there's a cover-up.
The slasher is named Duela Dent and she was once a patient of Dr. Campbell, aka August Cartwright. Cartwright still has Mouse captive and gasses him when he becomes upset over Alice.
Sophie and Batwoman team up to capture Duela and save her last victim. However, Alice gets to Duela first and slices off her face so she can get close to Dr. Campbell.
Jacob reaches out and leaves a message with Sophie, asking for her help in investigating the Crows.
Sophie comes clean with her mother about being gay and her mother walks out on her.
Alice takes Campbell/Cartwright captive and demands the return of Mouse.
Mouse wakes up still being gassed with Fear Toxin.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 14, Gotham's newest villain is targeting social media mavens. Sophie's mother visits while Jacob is on the hook for a jailhouse favor.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Kate: Where's my cowl?
Luke: In the shop. Giving it a little upgrade.
Kate: Upgrade? Like, x-ray vision?
Luke: No.
Kate: Echolocation?
Luke: I'll admit it's a good idea...but, no.

Mary: You're in a good mood.
Sophie: You say that like it's a bad thing.