On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, Mary wants in on the Bat Team but Kate recruits Luke and Julia instead to retrieve Lucius Fox's journal. Alice schemes at Arkham.

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Batwoman foils a human trafficking transaction and then meets up with Luke and Mary to discuss plans to find Lucis Fox's journal.
Kate visits Tommy at Arkham and then Alice makes a deal with him for the journal.
The journal is in the safe of Johnny Sabatino, a mobster-friend of Tommy's who owns a trendy club.
Kate and Julia go into the club. Kate runs into Reagan, her ex, but leaves to get the journal. The mobsters lay a trap for Batwoman with the journal, managing to catch her and Julia.
Alice and Mouse take Tommy's face and put it on a body staged to look like a suicide. Jacob comes to ask Alice about it and she promises to destroy him and make his life worse than hers.
Mary comes in as a buyer for the Bat Suit and gives Luke the signal to blow a distraction explosion so she can free Batwoman.
Sabatino betrays Tommy by refusing to return the journal to him and Alice sends Magpie to retrieve it.
The goons beating on Julia discover that the SRR has disavowed her, claiming she went rogue six months ago. Julia kills them before rejoining Batwoman and Mary.
Batwoman confronts Magpie for the journal and gets it but Magpie escapes.
In plain clothes, Kate runs into Reagan again. They hook up and when Kate wakes up, Reagan and the journal are gone.
Julia takes a call from another person interested in getting the journal.
Reagan hands the journal over to Magpie, her sister, and then says she's done working with her. Magpie gets the journal to Alice who removes the explosive tracker in her neck and lets her go. Mouse tells Alice that the journal is written in code and useless to them.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, Batwoman asks Luke and Julia to do some undercover work to retrieve an item while Alice gets a surprise visit from Jacob Kane.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Mary: We wanna hide the goods but not hide the goods. You feel me?
Kate: Ok, the goal is to blend in.
Mary: Yeah, but at this place, standing out is blending in.

Mary: Congratulations! On behalf of the medical profession, both licensed and unlicensed, I'd like to offer my sincerest 'WHATUP!' on shutting down that chop shop. I wasn't sure how you guys celebrated.
Kate: Usually by icing my knuckles.