On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 6, a new killer comes to town with a list of grievances. Sophie tracks down Batwoman while Alice gets a new toy.

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The Executioner kills the prosecutor that caught the man who killed Luke's father and then goes after a police detective.
The Crows are after the Executioner but Sophie wants to track down Batwoman. Sophie gets shot and Batwoman takes her to Mary's clinic because Sophie has figured out that Kate is Batwoman.
Alice dresses Mouse up as one of Catherine Hamilton's top scientists in order to steal a weapon that can pierce the Batsuit. Mouse gets the weapon but tricks Alice over a phone call to admit she doesn't actually want to kill Kate.
The Crows arrest the wrong man for being the Executioner while Kate and Luke find out the Executioner actually was the executioner at Blackgate Prison. He's out to kill a group of men who sent many innocent men to die at Blackgate.
Jacob and Kate argue over the possibility that the Executioner is right and Jacob vents about his hatred of Batman.
Sophie gets free but Mary speaks to her about betraying Batwoman since that's been her trend.
Batwoman saves the third man the Executioner wants to kill but then Jacob has to save her from the Executioner. Killing the Executioner triggers the room they're in to fill with hydrogen cyanide and, in order to save them both, Batwoman has to let the room fill and Jacob, nearing death, admits that if he stops blaming Batman, he has to start blaming himself.
In the aftermath, Kate and Jacob reconcile in his office. Sophie keeps Kate's secret.
On the streets of Gotham, Alice and Mouse reconcile and Mouse turns over the weapon.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 6, a disturbing death has Gotham reeling. Luke confides in Kate while Alice's plans advance with Catherine's unwitting help

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