On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 7, Kate has to decide whether or not to trust Sophie. An old friend arrives at the same time as a serial sniper.

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Batwoman thwarts a sniper from killing his victim then runs into Sophie who tells her she needs to come clean with her dad. Jacob files for divorce but is upstate when the divorce proceedings start, leaving Catherine and Mary to discuss their family issues. Catherine finds out about the theft of the coil accelerator and the death of its designer.
Batwoman runs into another female fighter when she stakes out the parking lot of the sniper victim's workplace. The sniper gets away again but the other female reveals herself to be Julia Pennyworth who quickly joins Kate's team.
The victim is stabbed to death by Mouse and Alice tells the sniper he should've done better if he wants the weapon for his boss.
Kate asks Sophie to dinner and is going to come clean but the restaurant owner interrupts with his homophobia. Kate realizes that Sophie can never be trusted because she is completely loyal to Jacob. Sophie tells Kate that Jacob is the reason she signed the letter of denial at the military school.
Sophie tells Tyler about her and Kate.
Kate tells Luke and Julia she has a new plan but gets interrupted by Mary who wants to talk about their family.
Catherine tells Jacob about the coil accelerator. Sophie tells him about Kate being Batwoman.
When the Crows are tracking down the weapon, Sophie finds herself facing both Batwoman and Kate. Batwoman gest shot with the weapon but doesn't die. Kate rescues her from the Crows.
Rifle is angry the weapon doesn't work and it turns out Alice removed the battery cell.
Kate buys a property to turn into a gay bar.
Mouse is masquerading as Jacob and Alice has a new poison.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 7, Kate has to decide whether Sophie is really trustworthy while Catherine asks Jacob for a favor. A Pennyworth is on the scene

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