On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 4, Magpie goes on a jewelry-stealing spree. Alice tries to blackmail Catherine for a new toy and Batwoman turns to Mary for help.

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While Kate is embarking on a relationship with Reagan, Magpie is stealing jewelry from all over the city. The Museum of Antiquities is about to host a fundraiser showcasing jewelry worn by powerful women throughout history and Kate offers Martha Wayne's pearl necklace as the centerpiece.
In the Batcave, Luke points out that Dodgson has been captive for weeks and is looking very unhealthy. Batwoman delivers him to Mary for medical attention.
Alice catches Catherine having Beth's grave dug up and tells her that she is going to hand over a new weapon her company is making or Jacob is going to find out Catherine's dark secret.
Catherine tries to send goons after Alice but Alice's goons catch them and Alice takes a finger as a souvenir.
Magpie steals Martha Wayne's pearls and Kate swears that she will recover them. As Batwoman she finds Magpie's lair and manages to retrieve the pearls and clone Magpie's hard drive before she sneezes and blows the place up.
At the fundraiser, Kate is shocked to see the pearls on display and Luke informs her that Magpie created a fake necklace our of explosives. Batwoman manages to protect the guests and catch Magpie but Reagan and Kate end up breaking up because Reagan wants more honesty from Kate.
Mary finds out from a delirious Dodgson what Alice's plans are and Batwoman tags him with a tracker for when he returns to Alice.
Now that Batwoman has been accepted by Gotham, Kate decides that she needs a day job and chooses real estate, inspired by Reagan. She plans on building affordable housing for the everyday resident of Gotham.
A new Bat Signal is unveiled to welcome Batwoman.

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On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 4, Magpie arrives in Gotham with an eye for all the shiny things while Kate tries to find a vigilante work/life balance.

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