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Vincent and Catherine are on the trail of a mysterious beast this week.

Cat is covering up a bruise on her neck when Heather shows up.

Heather tells Cat that she got a job offer in Miami.

J.T. fills Vincent in on his relationship highlights with Cat, but Vincent is there to apologize for hurting her and to ask J.T. to tell her he'll be staying away.

A beast kills one of Vincent's bosses.

Cat wants to use her sexual rendevous with Vincent to try to get intel on him.

Bob Reynolds shows up to the beast slaying.

The other beast knows about Vincent.

Tess teaches Cat to cheat a lie detector test.

Cat goes to Vincent's boat, gets information and the set up a date.

The other beast is named Sebastian.

Bob Reynolds causes Vincent to question Cat's loyalty.

Heather tells Cat about her father.

Vincent realizes that Cat was at his apartment to spy on him.

Vincent uses the information J.T. gave him to set up Cat, but Cat doesn't fall for it.

Vincent thinks Cat's on his tail because he hurt her. 

Cat and Vincent save the day.

Vincent saves Cat from Sebastian, which sparks memories.

Cat tells Heather, honestly, to take the job in Miami.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

J.T.: It's just, after everything you two have been through, I don't know if that'll be what she wants.
Vincent: It doesn't matter. Look, I don't want to hurt her and I can't tell her the truth so, just please, check on her.

That relationship that you're remembering? We never lied to each other. I just can't... I can't handle it. I can't live with any more lies. It's too hard.


Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Inna be my lover Be My Lover INNA iTunes
Divine right no one can fix me No One Can Fix Me Divine Right iTunes
Sarai givaty darlin Darlin' Sarai Givaty iTunes