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Jimmy meets with Ms. Landry, the representative of the Sandpiper lawsuit victims, looking to find out how much his portion of the settlement would be. He discovers his portion would be over a million dollars, and devises a plan.

Mike meets with Lydia at Madrigal to discuss the laundering of his $200,000 dollars via a "security consultant" job.

The malpractice insurance company meets with HHM, vowing to raise their rates double because of Chuck's testimony. They walk out of the meeting. Howard urges Chuck to retire in an effort to save the firm money. He angrily refuses. 

Kim meets with her new client Billy Gatwood, offering to set up a settlement,even though she is stretched beyond her time and ability to do the work.

Jimmy meets with Howard, pleading with him to settle Sandpiper. Howard angrily refuses, knowing that Jimmy is only interested in his cut of the settlement.

Gus and Hector have a tense phone meeting with the cartel, in which they are ordered to continue their transportation arrangement. Hector is livid, and has a seizure, taking the useless pills substituted by Nacho. 

Jimmy meets Ms. Landry at the mall, giving her a pair of expensive sneakers for mall walking, starting his cruel plan to drive a wedge into the Sandpiper residents to force a settlement.

Jimmy succeeds in turning the residents against Irene.

Nacho meets with his father, to tell him about Hector taking over the business, and begs him to let Hector do it for a few weeks. Nacho's father gets very angry, and orders Nacho out of the house.

Howard reads a letter from Chuck about his suit against HHM. Howard tries to talk Chuck out of the lawsuit, but it falls on deaf ears.

Jimmy injects magnetic primer into Bingo balls to further drive a wedge between Irene and the other Sandpipers, rigging a win for her. Irene breaks down, and Jimmy talks her into settling the lawsuit.

Jimmy tells Kim Sandpiper is being settled, but a frazzled Kim is only thinking about the Gatwood case. 

She she drives to the appointed meeting place, but is so exhausted she has an auto accident.




Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Mike: How does this hire work, exactly? Walk me through it.
Lydia: You will receive a paycheck from Madrigal in the amount of $10,000 per week. I believe, at that rate, your employment should be paid out in about 20 weeks. Mr, Fring has arranged to cover FICA, the social security, the entirety of the tax burden. I assume that's all right with you.

One million, one hundred sixty thousand dollars. Holy shit!