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Ziggy is having a sleepover at Chloe's while Jane deals with the Saxon drama. She's pulled over by the police but only gets a ticket.

Jane confides in Madeline that it was the wrong Saxon. And, no, she didn't take the gun.

Perry has to travel again. Celeste is upset because he'll mix the premiere. He wants her to sneak off to Phoenix with him, and gets angry when she doesn't want to go. 

Nathan doesn't want to have dinner with Madeline and Ed. Abby is working on her secret project. She thanks him for having the dinner, and suddenly it's not such a bad idea, Bonnie's idea to have dinner.

Jane gets to school to find people are signing a petition to get Ziggy suspended are instructing their children not to play with Ziggy. 

On her way out of the school, Jane runs into Renata and Gordon and gets into a scuffle, gouging Renata's eye.

Jane admits to Madeline she had her gun when she visited Saxon. But she wouldn't have shot him. She's clinging to the hope that Ziggy's dad is a nice person and the day she got pregnant was a one-off for the guy. That maybe his parents were in a car accident or something. 

Celeste is back at therapy. Perry is very clingy. He's either getting desperate of she has the power now. It's like a see-saw. One moment she has it and then he does.

When the bruises fade and Perry doesn't feel as guilty, Perry will hurt her again and her power fades. 

The doctor wants her to rent an apartment, stock the refrigerator, someplace close so it doesn't disrupt the kids' school.

She reminds Celeste of what it will be like during a custody battle in her current situation, and it isn't pretty.

Jane visits Renata to apologize. They seem to come away with the short, but gentle conversation, with a new understanding of each other. 

It's the night of the play. Chloe told Ziggy about sex. The idea of putting a penis into a vagina grosses him out, as it did all of us at one point.

Perry tries to delay Celeste with sex. When he pulls her by the hair, she accosts him with a tennis racket. 

Madeline being at the play brings back her own sex memories with Joseph.

Celeste and Perry never make it to the play.

Joseph's wife, Tori, asks Madeline if it was her. Madeline lies about being "the one" and about what she was doing in Joseph's car. Celeste calls. Perry has a broken urethra. Madeline thinks it's because of rough sex.

Ed and Madeline laugh over it, but it leads to a deep conversation between Madeline and Ed that was unexpected and honest.

Bonnie cannot believe she walks in on Nathan practicing Burning Love. He wants to trounce Ed in the competition. Worse? Abigail is auctioning her virginity on the internet. Nathan, thankfully, reacts normally.

Madeline was hit by what Ed said about lying in marriage being important. They talk a bit more.

Nathan is going nuts on Abigail until their little daughter starts to scream and cry.

Jane talks to Ziggy about eggs and fertilization and it leads back to a question about his dad.

Bonnie wonders if Nathan has spoken to Madeline.

Renata asks Jane for a play date. She's going to schedule play dates with all the kids so she can check on all the kids herself. Jane and Renata are getting along, and it's great to see.

Celeste is considering an apartment. 

Madeline is drinking a lot at dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. They're having a lot of seafood. And when the secret project is revealed, Madeline vomits all over the table.

Even Ed wonders if it's a joke and an unfunny one at that. In the end, Madeline goes to talk to Abigail, who seems to think she's perfect. She admits she cheated on Ed and it did nothing to make her life better.

Ziggy shows his mom his Rolling Stone routine. He's depending on her.

Celeste is at the apartment.

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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Reisman: Start documenting the abuse. Write everything down. Photograph your injuries. Keep doctor reports. That could be important in a custody battle, and men like your husband usually do go for custody. He has the resources, the money, the contacts. Most importantly, he has the ego to see this through.
Celeste: I don't understand why you're being such an alarmist right now.
Dr. Reisman: Because I'm alarmed.

My life isn't perfect, Madeline, bad things have happened to me. I do understand the concept.

Celeste [sighs]