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At the scene of a big party, there are detectives on hand. Somebody's dead.

It was a fundraiser, and the "witnesses" are all too happy to share what they knew. If they were there, they should be included in the group of people of whom they're speaking so savagely, but they don't see it that way.

They are happily pointing their fingers at Madeline McKenzie, who if she had never fallen on orientation day and met Jane Champman, it's possible nobody would have died.

Jane, Madeline, Ziggy and Chloe get to know each other on the drive to school while detectives words are played over the activities. A spinal injury and a massive injury at the base of the skull.

Celeste and her husband, Perry, are being gooey. Mr. and Mrs. Wright. 

All of the people who later speak so "highly" of the girls are excited to see Madeline. 

Nathan and Bonnie are at the school with their daughter, Skye. He's Madeline's ex. 

The trio goes to a little seaside cafe to get to know one another. Jane cannot believe how nice Madeline and Celeste are, and in being so picture perfect, she cannot believe it's her life and feels like she's on the outside looking in. They look so right that she feels wrong.

Bonnie wants to go pick up Skye, and she has to tell Madeline about a petition, which she believes will cause the shit to hit the fan. 

Renata introduces her French nanny to Jane. Madeline corrects Renata. Jane isn't a nanny, she's a mother.

The teacher calls together the entire class and all the parents to call out whoever might have strangled Amabella in class. So, on Ziggy's first day of class, he's considered a threat, and a major one. 

The teacher wants Ziggy to say he's sorry, but Ziggy won't say he's sorry if he didn't do it. Jane believes him. Renata wants Jane to force him to say he's sorry to put an end to it. The greek chorus says he picked the wrong little girl to strangle.

Madeline's family argues are the dinner table about Ziggy and Amabella. Abigail thinks the sun rises and sets on Bonnie, and that chaps Madeline's hide.

Perry stays home an extra day to take the boys to their first day of school.

Ed thinks he and Madeline will fight over Madeline's constant upset over losing Nathan, but she assures Ed he's the best thing that ever happened to her, even though she is still upset about how things went down with Nathan.

Renata and her husband Gordon go over her day, and she's not enthusiastic about not being liked, nor how casually Gordon sloughs it off.

Jane talks with her mom, gets into a typical mother/daughter argument and finally asks Ziggy if he touched the little girl. He didn't. He doesn't understand why Amabella accused him and wonders if he'll have any friends.

Madeline wants to talk with Abigail about college, but Abigail knows all.

Celeste tells Perry about the day at school with the kids and Perry worries their kids will associate with a violent kid, so much so, he gets violent with Celeste when she disagrees with him.

Ziggy is sleepwalking and Jane puts him back to bed.

Celeste watches Perry with the boys like a woman in loved.

Abigail visits with Madeline to remind her she's always going to be her mother no matter what, then slinks away when Chloe joins to make it a threesome.

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And bring me something chocolate that won't make my ass look fat.


Come meet my knight in shining armor. She rescued me like a wounded dog in the street. And you know what else? She's funny.