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Nicole Kidman was driving in the middle of the night on ambien. She didn't even remember getting in the car, but she crashed into a tree.

After Madeline gets Celeste from the scene, they find Bonnie walking along the side of the road on a "hike." Things go south when Madeline asks Bonnie if she's on drugs.

Renata discovers she's going to be on the cover of the number one women's magazine in the US of fuckin' A. Seconds later, Gordon is arrested by the FBI. Securities fraud.

Renata spots that detective watching the melee.

Mary Louise was worried sick about Celeste. She and Madeline go at it in the driveway.

Corey asks Jane on a practice date. 

Celeste can't stop thinking about Perry and only wants him, but the doctor wants her to imagine the time Perry had her in the closet. In the middle of it, she switches it up. Imagine if it were Madeline he was doing that to and not Celeste. Celeste screams. NO, NO, NOOOOO!

Renata visits Gordon in jail, totally peeved about the security process. What the fuck is all she can bring herself to say. Gordon made a big bet in shorts. Renata doesn't understand why he can do time for that. The worst of it is that he bet the ranch, their ranch. Amabella's trust is irrevocable, so she's safe. Not so much Renata.

She will not not be rich!

Jane is discussing Corey with Bonnie, who suggests Corey might be faking Aspergers so he can say dumb shit. Bonnie's mother is visiting. Nathan is scared. Of losing her. Bonnie wants to know if he's so worried, then why doesn't he talk to her? 

Nathan has never lost sight of the fact that marriage is fragile and it can all go away. He doesn't know where she's gone, but she's not here.

Renata is freaking out. It's her childhood. It's everything she worked to get out of and Gordon got back there again. When she tells Madeline Quinlan was there watching, Madeline gets worried, too, and offers a xanax.

The kids' teacher is saying it's OK to talk about horrible things, and one of the twins wonders if that includes a dead father.

Max doesn't think they're the kind of family that can be open and honest with each other. Celeste tells Mary Louise that she was right, the boys are still grieving.

Mary Louise says Celeste can go on for the boys. Celeste reveals the truth of the ambien incident.

Mary Louise is renting an apartment nearby. She wants to be there when Celeste needs her but not when she doesn't. Celeste agrees a little space might be good.

Perry first described Celeste to Mary Louise as an enigma. Just then, a fight breaks out between the boys. They're fighting, and Max lashes out telling her to fuck off. Celeste cracks, sending Max to the ground. No! You will NOT be like him! Then she gathers them both in her arms, apologizing.

Bonnie and her mother stroll through the woods. Mom reveals she doesn't care for Bonnie's life. She doesn't like Nathan much, and considers him a complete dolt. He's as dumb as a rock. Bonnie is out there surrounded by people who don't her. Nobody looks like her. Something is in the air, and mama doesn't like it.

Ed and Nathan have another hilarious run in.

Renata goes to Gordon's arraignment in a fire-engine red dress with a see-through lace bottom. Security fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Renata begins hearing people laughing about his bail inside her head.

When Bonnie was little, her dad told her french fries were pom frites and she began calling them pomp freaks. Bonnie's mother is annoyed that Nathan is ill-equipped to deal with his wife. Bonnie calls her mother on her drinking wine. She's just having one. As long as it's not 100.

Mama wants Natha to narrow down the day Bonnie changed. She doesn't understand why Nathan can't figure it out when she can pinpoint the day to when Perry died right in front of her.

The mope-a-dope shit is not working for anyone, mama suggests. Elizabeth's husband wonder why they can't have dinner like a normal family, and she assures him this is what families do.

Celeste recalls one of her first dates with Perry quite fondly. Mary Louise breaks into that reverie with news the twins told her they have a brother. Madeline wonders if the detective told the kids. Nope, it's Chloe. Ed didn't even know Perry was Ziggy's father.

Now Jane has to talk to Ziggy about his father. Chloe told him his father was Max and Josh's dad. He's known since August. He didn't tell her because she'd just lie. She assures him she didn't know until trivia night. She didn't know how to tell him.

Chloe told him he happened when Perry salted Jane. When she says it was assault, he wants to know what it means.

Madeline and Ed are in the middle of a giant fight because she shuts him out. Chloe of course is sorry, but she's evesdropping even as she's getting in trouble about evesdropping.

Madeline assures her families fight and then get over it. Chloe wants her phone back.

Mary Louise cannot believe her Perry was capable of all the things Celeste says, and she's evenmore concerned with the amount of things Celeste left out including that she discovered his infidelity and about his other child just seconds before he went falling down a flight of stairs.

Elizabeth does some mojo over Bonnie in the middle of the night.

Jane and Celeste meet to talk about the kids. Jane admits she told Ziggy about the circumstances, the violence in it. She cannot lie to him anymore. 

Bonnie tells Madeline she thinks it's all going to catch up with them, but Madeline acts as if she has no idea what she's talking about.

Renata goes beserk when Gordon tries to include her in his issues because they are creatures of want, especially her. She shoves his ass out of the car but ultimately pulls back around to get him.

Abigail is calling Madeline on her hypicracy as it relates to her life crisis that ocurred when she fucked the theater director last year when Ed overhears.

Celeste tells the boys about Ziggy. They wonder if daddy was a bad person. No, he was a beautiful, wonderful man who could mistakes just like we all could.

Madeline tries to explain to Ed what happened. She pulls the "this was about me" shtick or maybe about them as a couple. He feels like he doesn't know her at all. She kept the secret about Ziggy, the affair, and that their daughter, because he does consider Abigail his daughter, for a year. 

Bonnie tells Elizabeth she won't have that voodoo stuff in her life. Elizabeth has been having visions, and she knows Bonnie has been, too. She sees someone drowning in a lot of water, and she's drowning now, too. Bonnie assures her mama she doesn't need her protection. Elizabeth wonders what she has done...this time.

Bonnie crawls onto Nathan's lap. She wants him to tell her mother to go.

Celeste and the boys visit Ziggy with gifts and food. 

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

On your awesome days, I suspect you are a godsend. But on your bad days, decidedly less so.

Mary Louise

Madeline: It was an emergency.
Mary Louise: What kind of an emergency?
Madeline: The kind short people have.