Big Love Season 3


Final Showdown: It's Nicki's day of reckoning... Barb faces a spiritual crisis and Margene takes charge... but who will be the last man standing?

"Outer Darkness"

Nicki wants to come back, but Bill wants to divorce her; Hollis Greene kidnaps Cindy and Ted's daughter; Barb is about to get ex-communicated.

"Rough Edges"

Bill tries to get the DA to prosecute Roman for Kathy's death and Nicki's affair comes to light.

"Fight or Flight"

Nicki goes on a date with her boss, Alby's wife, Glory, smuggles a church document to Bill, and Joey and Kathy decide to get married.

"Come, Ye Saints"

Bill and his wives go on a 2,500 mile road trip.

"For Better or for Worse"

Ana gives her answer to the family's proposal. Bill gets entangles with a collector who is trying to get his hands on a document Alby is selling. Roman invites his children to a meeting. The teens take the car and take a road trip to the compound. Nicki quits her job.

"On Trial"

Episode summary coming soon.

"Prom Queen"

Sarah convinces Heather they should go to the prom with Ben and Franky. Bill tries to get Rhonda to leave town. Margene learns her mother died.


The family continues to date Ana and tries to decide which wife should have their next child. Bill gets an answer from the casino and Barb gets one from her doctor.

"Block Party"

Bill tries to attract partners for his Mormon-friendly casino business plan. Barbara considers the possibility of a fourth wife, Ana. Meanwhile, the neighborhood organizes a big block party and guess which family's not invited?

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Big Love Season 3 Quotes

If someone needs a letter to validate their faith, what does that say about their faith?


Working is good for my self esteem.