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We see who Alexei killed, a fellow who was spraying to keep deer away in the mountains. 

Sasha, meanwhile, has an infected wolf bite from the Russian.

Clay takes Alexei to wherever he killed the human. 

Nick doesn't think Jeremy will give Karen (sorry for calling her Sharon) the benefit of the doubt for not seeing Morgan change into the wolf.

When she wakes up, she thinks she had a dream about a contorted animal. She seems to remember nothing. She sees the gun on the table and asks about an ambulance. Jeremy wants to talk, she wants to go.

There is no body in the woods. The human was named Trevor Reyes. Clay says to think about the fact there is a human out there. The guy poured gasoline on him, but Alexei knows he bit him. Clay finds Trevor's phone. They continue looking.

Jeremy tries to suss out if Karen knows anything.

Elena is angry Sasha didn't tell her the whole truth about her family. She wonders if he killed her mother, and he says he did, in a way.

Alexei hopes the guy survived, but Clay points out that's the worst case scenario.

Elena wonders how Roman found out his daughter knew about Sasha showing his daughter the change? Why did Sasha give Elena away? She says he thought she was a liability. She's sad, but she doesn't blame Sasha for Natalia's death. Sasha thought love was enough.

Sasha sticks up for Jeremy for almost killing Elena. But says now everything Jeremy does is for her.

Jeremy and Karen talk about their responsibility to their families. She understands how he feels. She once made a mistake that drove her away from her sister and she can't take it back now. He asks her if she can just walk away from this. If she tries to make it better and doesn't walk away, he can't assure her she'll have that quiet life.

She begs him to get out too, while he still can. Then she remembers what she saw. Not the dream of the mutated animal. She remembers the boy changing. It's too late for her. She almost made it out. 

Jeremy calls Elena and leaves the Pack in her hands. He's going after Roman. Elena forgives him and they cry together, happy to have found each other, even if this is where they may end it.

Clay finds Trevor. Alexei is worried he will always be a wild wolf, wanting to kill. Clay plays back Trevor's voice mails for Alexei. Alexei's brother was killed by a stray bullet during hunting season. That's why he was trying to keep deer away. They'll help him to tame his wolf.

There is an envelope at Stonehaven. Marsden is being beaten to a pulp.

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Bitten Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

So maybe they're wrong. Maybe this whole system of rules is wrong.


Clay: There is no middle ground, Alexei. I don't make these rules.
Alexei: So break them.