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Dre loves Christmas and especially Santa Claus because he was never allowed to believe in him as a kid. When Dre's coworker who normally plays Santa at the Christmas party dies, Dre wants the role. 

Dre's mom is back in town to cook Christmas Eve dinner. Rainbow suggests that this year she should cook the dinner instead, but the kids back their grandma. 

Dre works on his pitch for a black Santa but unfortunately his boss Mr. Stevens chooses a Mexican woman before he has a chance to pitch it. 

Dre comes home outraged that a Mexican woman was chosen to be Santa over him. Rainbow questions why she can't be Santa and he insists that there should be a black Santa before a Mexican Santa. 

Rainbow tries to get the kids to sing carols, but they sound terrible and are completely out of tune. Zoey suggests that Grandma should sing because she has the best voice. 

Dre brings Mr. Stevens to hear Angelica's "ho ho ho" and Mr. Stevens gives the Santa job to Dre. At the party, Rainbow uses auto-tune to help the kids sound better when they sing. 

Rainbow feels bad when the she realizes she's made Christmas all about her and Ruby offers to cook Christmas Eve dinner. 

Angelica tells Dre that Santa is in charge of the toy drive, making him look like a fool and upsetting all of the children. He enlists help from his children and they hit the toy store. 

Rainbow returns home from the party to discover that Ruby has her Christmas dinner catered every year. She keeps her secret and the kids are happy. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Wait, what? Mexican female Santa? No, too far from the box. Get closer, closer to the box!


Josh: That was beautiful. You're going to nail Santa.
Dre: Terrible choice of words.