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The Johnson family has an annual tradition of skiing over Martin Luther King Day weekend. Dre is upset when Junior is unable to tell his friend Zach the details of the March on Washington. Dre is embarrassed that Zach knows more about Dr. King than Junior does. 

Charlie guilt trips Dre into inviting him skiing by saying he has no plans and has never seen snow. Dre, Junior, and Zach ride with Charlie while Zoey, Jack, and Diane go with Rainbow. Dre uses the car ride to educate Junior. 

Charlie gets pulled over by the police and Dre believes it's an example of prejudice, but it turns out his tags were expired. The officer lets them go with a warning because of the holiday weekend. 

Rainbow's car makes it to the lodge first and Zoey talks her into massages. Rainbow likes the idea of actually being able to relax over the weekend. 

Dre makes a scene at the lodge when he's told they've run out of adjoining room. He gets taken away by security and Rainbow has to come and get him and tells him they've been upgraded to a suite. 

The bus driver makes all the snow boarders sit in the back of the bus and Junior gets up and makes a speech for their rights. Dre says he's proud of him. 


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black-ish Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dre: There are certain trailblazing cultural icons that every black person should know: Obama, Tupac, Dave Chappelle. Hell I'd say Dr. King's near the top of that list wouldn't you?
Rainbow: Maybe even above Dave Chappelle.

Dre: I was beginning to think I'd never see you again. I almost forgot what your face looked like.
Rainbow: It's been twelve minutes.