Divisive Duo - Blood & Treasure
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Dr. Anna Castillo finds the lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt, but discovers that Cleopatra's sarchophagus is missing. Before she can report her find, Karim Farouk and his gunmen enter the tomb, abducting Castillo and killing her crew before blowing up the tomb. Billionaire Jay Reece recruits Danny McNamara, an antiquities expert and former FBI agent, to rescue Anna, Danny's mentor. Danny agrees, but wants Jay to track down his ex, art thief Lexi Vaziri, to help him. In Monte Carlo, Lexi is interrupted in mid-theft by a rich man's mistress and gets caught while trying to escape. Danny recruits her although she insists on a finder's fee. Lexis is taking Danny to a black-market art bazaar in Rome. Captain Sabi tries to convince Danny's friend, Interpol Agent Gwen Karlsson, that Danny and Lexi are involved with blood antiquities and tells her about the bazaar. Sabi plans to arrest them. At the bazaar, Danny and Lexi find the Egyptian artifacts, being sold by arms dealer Aiden Shaw. They conspire to borrow his phone. Danny meets art procurer Simon Hardwick. Aiden pulls a gun on Lexi. The police, led by Sabi and Gwen, raid the bazaar. Aiden shoots a steam pipe, creating chaos. Danny grabs a shield and pursues Aiden and Lexi, knocking out Aiden with the shield. Danny had tipped off the police with a text from Aiden's phone. Lexi steals a car and has Danny dump Aiden in the trunk. Aiden is actually a former American contractor named Dwayne Coleman. Aiden wants $2 million to give up his contacts and Danny arranges that with Jay. Lexi lets Aiden take the car and escaoe while Danny is calling Jay. 

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny: You should call the FBI.
Jay: I would if you still worked there.

Danny, there's no one better at tracking blood antiquities than you.

Jay [to Danny]