Seeking Escape Funds - Blood & Treasure
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Lexi placed a geotracker on Aiden's phone before she let him escape. In a flashback to World War II, the Nazis are interrupted by natives but only after they had already loaded up Cleopatra's sarcophagus on a truck, which got away. Aiden has traveled to Geneva's Janus Freeport, to return the Egyptian pieces he couldn't sell to Farouk. Danny and Lexi follow. Farouk sees that and shoots Aiden. To delay them, Farouk sets his vault on fire after chaining up Anna. Lexi discovers Farouk is alive and takes off to find him. Aiden was wearing a Kevlar vest. Danny rescues Anna but sees that the vault is on fire. The system automatically sucks all the oxygen out of the room. Danny, Anna and Aiden jump into the sarcophagus.  Aiden steals rubies on the way out. Meanwhile, Lexi is pursuing Farouk on a motorcycle. She get into the back of Farouk's truck, but one of his thugs pushes her out. Gwen arrests Danny and Lexi to take them back to Rome. Farouk remembers Danny but not Lexi. Aiden couldn't fence the rubies. Gwen plans to jail Lexi when they land. So Danny and Lexi jump out of the plane over Rome, sharing one parachute. They land in the Papal Gardens in Vatican City and are immediately captured. They meet up with Danny's boyfriend friend Father Chuck, who agrees to run interference for them with the police. Father Chuck finds out that Aiden is at an illegal casino in Turkey. Danny knows about a secret escape tunnel under the Vatican. Jay again lends Danny his jet for the trip to Turkey.  A female assassin, the Scorpion, tries to poison Aiden, Danny and Lexi with chips, but Lexi stops her and gets the antidote. Sabi is part of an ancient cult guarding Cleopatra's sarcophagus.

Blood & Treasure
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Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

If anything's wrong, you're a dead man.

Farouk [to Aiden]

I spent two years hating you only because it was easier than hating myself.

Lexi [to Danny]