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amie offers to temporarily partner with Officer Kara Walsh whom Frank had asked to testify against her partner last year. When a robbery call turns into a shooting. Eddie and her partner are the only backup to show because no one will backup Walsh.

After Walsh is shot in the shoulder, both Jamie and Eddie stand up for her to the other cops.

An old friend of Frank's is involved in an accidental officer on officer shooting where it turns out alcohol may have been involved. In the end, Frank's friend chooses to retire from the force.

Isabelle, a shooting victim dies eight years after her original injuries. Her father, Marcus ask Danny to look into pressing charges against Damon Williams the man who shot her, for murder. Danny goes to Erin for help.

Williams served time for assault on this case and Erin finds he has turned his life around and now counsels at youth kids in his neighborhood When the DA's office chooses not to prosecute, Danny is furious and Marcus shoots Damon. Damon survives and with some prodding from Erin chooses not to name Marcus as his shooter and allow him a second chance.

Erin is concerned when her boyfriend Bobby is offered a position as interim District Attorney as she doesn't want to be known as the ADA who is sleeping with the boss. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I've made it this far without sleeping with my boss, I'm not about to start now.


Erin: I am having enough trouble trying to control her raging hormones without bringing home stray men.
Bobby: For the record, I've had all my shots, I'm nearly housebroken and I'm just looking for a hot prosecutor to adopt me.