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Zorin Brasha, an Albanian terrorist known as Teflon because the charges never stick, bashes in  the head of a delivery driver, John Coogan with a crow bar when they fight over a parking space. 

When John Coogan agrees to testify, Brasha threatens his life and his family's. He's even sent photos of his niece in Delaware with a note saying they'll send her to New York in pieces so John backs down during the lineup

Danny and his new boss, Lt. Carver butt heads but then bond over trying to find a way to convict Brasha. They both work to get a scared bodega owner to turn over his security video showing Brasha attacking Coogan.

Tori Parsons is Brasha's attorney and Erin's old rival from college. When Brahsa escapes before he can be re-arrested, Erin makes sure Tori sees the video of Brasha assaulting Coogan. Tori tells Erin the name on Brasha's new passport. Brasha is arrested in Uruguay but will be extradicted to Serbia where he has charges pending. Frank isn't happy New York won't get to prosecute but agrees that Brasha being behind bars somewhere is a good thing.

BFrank asks Jamie to step in and box for the Battle of the Shields where a police officer goes up against a fireman. There's an old grudge between Jimmy Wallace and Danny. Jimmy's cousin Emmett will be fighting Jamie until Jamie realizes that the fighter he's stepping in for wanted his shot but backed down to keep the Reagan legacy going. Jamie backs out to allow him to have his turn. 

Erin considers going into private practice in order to pay for Nicky's college education when her ex-husband says his funds are tied up in other matters. A high-end law firm offers her a position as partner with an impressive salary. Nicky says she wants to go to Columbia in the city and will room with one of her friends off-campus to try and keep costs down. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Erin: Do you think I'm too old to sell my body?
Danny: No, not to science anyway.

Come on, we can't let those smoke eaters have bragging rights.