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Mayor Poole’s Deputy Mayor’s boyfriend, Ray McClaine is a convicted felon on parole. He is arrested on a misdemeanor for drunkenly disturbing a funeral. The Mayor is concerned that any press could cause him to lose his Deputy Mayor so he asks Frank to “look into” the arrest.

When Frank refuses to vacate the arrest, the Mayor dangles the police officer’s pension increase that has yet to be approved. Frank refuses to trade one for the other but the Officer who made the arrests drops the charges, not because he was asked but because he thought it was the right thing to do. Frank lets the Mayor know that the Officer is retiring in a year and dragging out the pension talks will affect him. 

Erin’s case against Victor Dano, a murderer for hire who killed a man and his 9-year-old twins falls apart when she finds out her main witness lied. In order to save her case, she has to track down and convince Vincent Rella, a mob informant who is in WITSEC to come back and testify. She uses his granddaughter to get him to come back.

Vincent comes back and testifies but the mob tries to kill him. Danny ends up using the head of the Marshals who was vehemently against the plan to help get Vincent safely back to Iowa. 

Jamie and Eddie cross paths with Andy an over eager Civilian Patrol Officer who gets too involved in the arrest of a drug dealer. Andy gets himself shot and puts Eddie in a position where she has to shoot and kill the dealer. 

Eddie gets a medal for her actions but has trouble dealing with killing a man. She tells off Andy when he tries to give her a gift for saving him. She eventually takes a day off from work. Jamie comes to her apartment to make sure she is alright and she tells him she hasn’t slept or cried. She asks him to stay, just so she can sleep and breaks down in tears in his arms. 


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Frank: That went well.
Mayor Poole: What went well?
Frank: The difficult transition from talking about me to talking about me in front of me.

WITSEC's not an ATM. You can't make deposits and withdrawals whenever you feel like it.

Marshall Morgan