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Danny and Baez are asked to take 16-year-old Charelle Tyler on ride-alongs for a week as part of The Rescue Ride program. The Captain hopes it will keep the girl from continuing down a criminal path but Charelle and Danny clash. When Charelle turns up in the middle of a raid because she wants to find out how the story ends (she wants to be a writer) she almost gets herself killed. 

Danny threatens to have her arrested and sends her down to holding for the day, hoping that that will be enough to scare her straight. 

Benjamin Wilson, a homeless man is set on fire while sleeping on a park bench and no one calls 911. A reporter, Ann Farrell blames the NYPD and Frank Reagan for poor policing in the area. She later interviews the killer who says he did it as a gang initiation and plans to kill again.

Frank asks Ann to turn over the killer’s name but she refuses. As the killer clearly stated he planned to kill again, a judge orders her to hand over the killer’s name. When she refuses she is arrested for contempt of court. Later, an anonymous tip comes in to NYPD with the name. The killer is arrested and confesses to the crime. Ann is released and the charges are dropped. Later, she and Frank share a drink. 

Erin opens up the 20-year-old cold case of Alex’s mother who was stabbed to death. Alex is initially upset as he’s been over the case file himself several times. Erin realizes she’s opened up old wounds but Alex understands she did it because she cares. When Erin reruns the DNA in the case, new technology gets them a match. Unfortunately it’s Alex’s father who never chose to be a part of his life and has since passed away. The one thing Erin does find is Alex’s mother’s angel wings ring in the father’s effects. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Ann: My issue is with the leadership.
Frank: So you can isolate my from the herd. Easier to take me down.

You were thinking with your heart, which you always do.