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Robert Lewis from the Attorney General’s office visit Frank to tell him they are opening an investigation into NYPD use of force in minority neighborhoods. 

Frank meets with Robert for lunch so they can discuss the matter openly. The next day, he finds his words, “We’re not perfect,” taken out of context and splashed across the front of the Daily News. Frank feels like he got played. He’s angry and and he and Garrett come up with a plan to fight back. 

Lewis and Frank hold a press conference where Frank points out that there were only 35 incidents where police officers used their guns last year out of 35,000 officer. it upstages Lewis, who is furious and threatens Frank with more investigations into the NYPD. He tells Frank that he’s s dinosaur who won’t be around long. 

Danny is furious when Erin has Anthony follow up on finding witnesses for a murder case prosecuting Hiram Diaz. They find the witness shot to death. Anthony finds footage from the deli across from the first murder showing Diaz and another man walking out but the face is obscured. Danny tracks the man down due to his hat, but he won’t tell them anything.

Erin has until Monday to find a new witness or Diaz will be set free. Anthony and Danny go through the man’s trash and find his fingerprint, which matches one found at the scene of the murder. They get a warrant to search his place and find the gun. When he testifies against Diaz, Diaz goes wild and threatens both his life and Erin’s. 

Jamie and Eddie respond to a call for a man threatening to jump for the Roosevelt Bridge. Mike is distraught because his girlfriend, Jennifer cheated on him. He tells Mike that if he doesn’t jump, then perhaps he can talk to Jennifer and see if they can work things out. Jamie manages to talk Mike down by sharing that his fiancee broke up with him when he switched jobs from being a lawyer to a cop. 

Eddie speaks with Jennifer who confides that she didn’t mean to cheat but she was working with this other guy for years, and one day it finally hit them just how good they could be together. Later, Eddie pushes Jamie about the fact that he hasn’t had a serious relationship in the six years since his fiancee left him. They end up arguing. 


When Mike is released from the hospital, he tracks down Jennifer and beats her to death with a baseball bat. Mike tells Jamie that he only did what Jamie said to do, he came to talk to Jennifer. Jamie is horrified. Later, Eddie tries to console him and the two head out for drinks. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Holding the door is a courtesy, letting you in here to use my phone, that's a courtesy, but launching another investigation into my department, not so much.


Frank: Why are you lurking by the elevator?
Garrett: I'm not lurking.
Frank: You lurking always means bad news or a plea to keep my mouth shut.