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Kevin can't forgive Nora for not telling him about the boy he paralyzed a quarter-century ago.

He is not speaking to her or attending his own birthday party. But, in typical Nora fashion, she cooks up a storm anyway.

Eventually, Nora realizes Kevin isn’t coming, but later, he comes to confront her.

Kevin admits the reason he hit Aaron that night is because he tried to kiss him, and that didn’t want anyone to know he was gay, even if he knew deep down.

Nora says she knew, but waited for him to find out. She also says William was likely scared by who Kevin was, having never really understood it.

At Sarah's house, boxes are strewn about, an unpleasant reminder that Luc’s visa runs out in two weeks. Luc has faith everything will work out.

Ojai Foods is running out of money. The bank plans to seize the building and its land in a week's time and Dennis York will be able to buy Ojai for a song.

Rebecca wonders why Holly didn’t invest the $2 million to buy time, so behind her mother’s back, Rebecca transfers all her money into Ojai’s account.

Holly is still trying to get to the bottom of Narrow Lake. York's blackmail efforts failed, but his trump card is that he alone knows why it's so valuable.

York spurns their offer of a small percentage in exchange for what he knows. He's content to sit around and watch the money dry up.

Robert is being evasive about a new job, saying only that it will entail relocating to Washington ... until his heart issues end up costing him the secret gig.

Michelle calls and tells Kevin and Scotty that she's pregnant ... she thinks, pending another test. Here's hoping!

Brothers & Sisters
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