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Chunk’s daughter comes to New York for a campus visit and meets with Chloe Tomlin, the professor who recommended Anna for her scholarship, and is also an investigative journalist for the New York Ledger. Chloe was arrested for breaking into the dating app company Spark4U and she doesn’t have an attorney. Anna asks Chunk for help and he gets Chloe a meeting with Bull. 

Chloe’s friend used Spark4U and went on a date. She left the date, but the guy followed her, pulled her into an alley and sexually assaulted her. She’s not the only woman this has happened to, and the attackers information on Spark4U was all fake, and entered through a public IP address. Spark4U refused to help, so Chloe followed the information from an anonymous source to break in to Spark4U to gain info. Unfortunately she gets caught and is charged with stealing trade secrets and proprietary information. 

Chloe’s editor lies on the stand, saying he knew nothing about her story. He later admits to Chloe that his bosses at the paper threaten to fire him and many others if he didn’t lie on the stand. 

Marisa finds other sexual assault victims who went to Chloe for help after the police couldn’t help and Spark4U wouldn’t. One of them admits to being paid off by Spark4U to keep quiet. 

Bull hires Isaiah as a  TAC’s new cyber tech specialist, but he isn’t happy with his work. Isaiah goes to Cable for help. Cable is able to find the chat information between Chloe and her source that was supposedly erased, but she tells Isaiah not to tell Bull that she helped. 

The source was Jessie Northrup who works for Gold Lark, a private security firm. The TAC team believes that Spark4U hired Gold Lark to discredit Chloe and kill her story, but Jessie takes the fifth while on the stand and refuses to testify. 

They put Garrett Gatewood, the owner of Spark4U on the stand. It turns out that he had an additional key card made which was then given to Gold Lark to set up Chloe. The jury finds Chloe not guilty. 

Chunk is taken aback by Anna’s anger at him choosing not to be her father until now. He tries to explain and asks for her forgiveness. They still have plenty to work on, but Anna has not only received a scholarship from NYU but also from Columbia University. Chunk hopes she chooses either school so that she will be in the city. 


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Bull Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

For the first 18 years of her life, you were Uncle Chunk, Mom’s best friend, and then at Thanksgiving you tell her you’re actually her dad. That’s a lot to throw at an 18-year-old.


Hey, you want to take my car? Well, you want to impress Anna, don’t you? You want her to be so impressed that she moves her in the fall so you can be a bigger part of her life? Take my car and driver, it’s very impressive.