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When George Brown was 18, his brother, Richard, committed murder during an armed robbery, while George was in the car, unaware of what was happening. After being arrested, Richard leaves George a message telling him to run because the police think he was involved. He later buys a dead man’s social security number and becomes James Grayson who eventually gets married to Kristen and has three children

Eighteen years later, the police show up on James’ doorstep and arrest him for the murder. 

Jim’s wife, who has been blindsided by all of this, asks Bull and Benny for help. The prosecution thinks that robbing the check cashing facility was a joint venture between Jim/George and his brother, but TAC plans to show that George knew nothing about it until after the fact.

Kristin, his wife, is very supportive until she finds out that even the origins of the names of their kids was something he lied to her about. Shell shocked, she still stands by him. 

Benny calls Richard, George’s brother, to the stand. Richard admits to planning the robbery with his friend, Kurt, the same guy who was killed. Kurt panicked while gagged to make it look like he wasn’t involved, and asphyxiated. Cable finds the surveillance video which shows that Kurt put his hands up before Richard ever pulled his gun, and then later it shows Richard going back to check on Kurt when he realizes something has gone wrong. Richard tell the jury that George knew nothing about his plans. 

Bull convinces the ADA that George i indeed innocent and that they are headed for a mistrial. The ADA decides to drop the charges. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Apparently he's been making them look like fools for 20 years. I don't think Johnnie Cochran could have gotten him off.


A man can't be found guilty of a murder simply because it happened in his midst, and he absolutely can't be found guilty of a murder in which he took no part and was not even aware.