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The episode opened with Michael meeting Anson for another job. Anson wanted Michael (or Michael’s friends) to recover money that was flagged and inaccessible in the Cayman Islands. Jesse and Fiona go to recover the money.

Meanwhile Sam has an old friend named Beatriz turn up in Miami being hunted by a spy. Against Michael’s better judgment they went to Anson the help figure out whom the spy was. 

Anson helped them figure out the man was a Russian spy named Oscar that Beatriz accidentally outed in one of her articles. While Sam kept Beatriz safe, Anson and Michael went to the Russian FSB headquarters to find Oscar. 

When they lost Oscar they worked to find him again only to discover he had found Beatriz and Sam at his safe house. Michael convinced Oscar’s handler Ivan to talk Oscar down from killing Sam and Beatriz. 

Fiona and Jesse recovered Anson’s money from the Cayman Islands. However, Anson played Michael by getting Sam suspected of working with the Russians and nullifying any help Sam could have gotten from the FBI or Government.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

First we have to get you someplace safe, hopefully someplace that doesn't smell like wet socks.


Michael: I won't be told what to do forever, I need to know this ends.
Anson: You're done by the end of the month Michael, I promise.