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-Sam and Jesse have to go to Vanek, Schmidt's competition to pick up their passports. 

-Later when Schmidt calls the FBI to eliminate Vanek, Vanek gets away and goes after Schmidt, pinning down Michael, Sam, and Fiona in the process.

-When Michael learns that Schmidt's original plan could have ended with the capture of his team, he almost turns Schmidt over to Vanek to escape but manages to save them all.

-Madeline is heartbroken over leaving her old life behind and insists on visiting Nate's grave before they leave.

-Micheal finds a note in the flowers they find at the gravesite. They only say they are from a friend and have a phone number to call.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Nate's little boy's already lost his father. He shouldn't have to grow up without family.


In the intelligence world, when an operation demands that you will disappear, it's understood that you will disappear entirely.