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-Michael tracks down the prison guard trying to kill Fiona but he's already dead.  Former agent Rebecca killed him and she kidnaps Sam to make her escape.

-Jesse and Michael chase down Sam and Rebecca. Rebecca tells Sam that she isn't working for Anson. Anson has her brother.  As she holds the detonator on a bag full of C4, Michael and Sam convince her to let them help her find her brother.  She reluctantly agrees.

-In order to stop the attacks on her by the lifers in prison who have weapons, Fiona needs their cells tossed and them thrown in solitary.  Ayn can do it for a price.

-Ayn needs a package picked up from her ex and delivered to the prison. With Michael unavailable, Maddie attempts to retrieve it but the man threatens to knock out her teeth.

-Later, Michael accompanies her and breaks the man's arm once they retrieve the package.  It's Ayn's late mother's necklace.  Ayn makes good on her promise and Fiona is safe, at least for today.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

It's hard to interrogate your target if he's dealing with a gunshot wound. It's even harder if he's dead.


That may be the most evasive answer you have ever given me and you can be pretty evasive.