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The picture of Hank, Sasha and Mia goes viral and Sasha pulls out of the movie in order to avoid being embroiled in any further scandal. Abby, frustrated by Hank’s continued antics, quits what she feels is a losing case and a hopeless client.

Charlie tries to breath life back into the movie by setting up a meeting with Eddie Nero and Hank, which ends with the men getting into a dangerous showdown at a tattoo parlor where Becca is getting her first ink done.

Stu pursues Marcy and pulls out all his moves to try to woo her. Karen fears Hank is losing his grip on his life, but her attempts to reconcile things between him and Abby and up pushing the lady lawyer into the arms of her troubled lover.

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Californication Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I can't help it if some cock tard in a fedora takes a picture at the exact wrong moment.


Abby: I think I'm actually seeing some of that Hank Moody mojo up close and personal.
Hank: Is my dong out?