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Hank dealt with his pre-trial jitters as Karen tried to help him calm down before dropping him off at court. As the trial began Abby admitted her client Hank slept with a teenager, but was not aware of her age nor her relation to Karen's boyfriend Bill.

Abby called Charlie to the stand in an attempt to paint Hank is a positive light, but he let his nerves get the best of him and instead shared a less than honorable story with the jury, about a sexual encounter he shared with his friend the defendant. A series of flash backs served to rehash the history of conflict between Mia's father Bill and Hank. When called to testify, Bill recalled an encounter at his home where he arrived to find Mia talking to Hank by the pool. This revelation shocked not only the jury but Abby and Karen as well.

Hank claimed he was too inebriated to remember anything about the incident referenced by Bill and when Mia took the stand she testified to as much as well. Mia tried to deflect the blame onto herself as she discussed how in the night in question it was she who went looking for trouble, not Hank which the prosecution alleged to be the case. In the end Abby did little to assuage Hank's fears of conviction as she pointed out the seed of doubt about his defense that was planted in the trial on day one. 

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Californication Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I look like a fucking FBI agent.


Revenge is a dish best served with my dick.