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Hank clashes with Samurai this week after the film's leading lady makes a pass at the writer. After Tyler puts Charlie up to a dare to prove his moxie he signs with the agent much to the chagrin of Hank who had asked him not to pursue his daughter's boyfriend as a client. Hank is subsequently replaced by Tyler on the set of Malibu Cop. Hank tells Charlie he is fired as both an agent and a friend. Not all is lost for Hank though as Becca and Karen ask him to attend the movies with them and the three leave Becca's coffee shop looking like the family of old. 

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Californication Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Oh I'm sorry. Turns out I'm quite the Fruit Ninja.


That's what happens in a relationship, you stop caring. The next thing you know the sex is sporadic, the blow job's bi-annual and ass play is out of the question.