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Daniel was faced with a rival this week: Tomas Vergis made his presence felt on Caprica.

A native Tauron, we saw him enter his headquarters in Tauron City and find the bodies of two dead men. He also saw that his company's key chip was stolen and viewers all know why: Daniel asked Joseph's to use his connections (i.e. brother) in order to steal the chip, so Daniel could create Zoe and Tamara avatars.

Vergis shows up in Caprica and goes on the Baxter Sarno show to announce to viewers that he's gonna get his Caprica citizenship. He also offers to purchase the Buccaneers from Daniel and explains why in a tremendous, unsettling discussion to close the episode: he knows what Daniel did, and he knows Daniel loves the Buccaneers. He will take everything Daniel loves, "until the debt is paid." That's the Tauron way.

First, Vergis says he'll buy the Bucs. Then, he'll move on to the next thing Daniel loves, eventually destroying his company.

In other storyline news:

- Lacy meets with Barnabus in order to see if he can help her take the Cylon off Caprica, as Zoe asked. Barnabus, a terrorist that works with the STO in some capacity, rebuffs her and reveals something to viewers (but not Lacy): the friend (Keon) that Lacy originally went to with this request built the bomb that blew up the train.

- Using a device created by the STO, Clarice steals key information about the Cylon and Daniel's work. She does so under the guise of bonding with Amanda and mourning Zoe in the Graystone residence.

- Joseph asks his secretary, who he seems to be close to, to track down the boy - his name appears to be Tad - that knows Tamara in the V world and told him she was alive there to end last week's episode.

- Zoe meets up with the creepy lab tech, Philomon, in the V world, pretending she is someone else.

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