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Alexis has a friend visit from elementary school who has started dressing goth. They find a way to reconnect helping Castle explore the murder case of Donny Hayes.

Hayes body was found in the East River. He was a dock worker who had spent everything he had on a legendary bar called The Old Haunt. Hayes had spent his childhood at this bar with his grandfather who had told him this was a former speak easy that the mayor frequented. Castle had also spent time in this bar, which is where he wrote most of his first novel. His picture was hanging in the bar as a celebrity.

After purchasing the bar, Hayes found underground rooms used during prohibition, one holding cases of scotch that had been discontinued and were worth millions of dollars. Hayes had taken one to an auction to bring in some income, as he was having trouble with his finances. Hayes had told the auctioneer of the stash he had found. He promised to continue to come and sell off bottles. The auctioneer was able to figure out where the stash was located and became greedy.

The auctioneer went through the underground tunnels to get to the stash, catching Hayes off guard. The two had a scuffle, leading the man to hit Donny with a bottle and kill him. He dropped the body in a sewer line, which took him right out to the river.

The bar and stash would become property of the city because Hayes had no partners or family. Castle purchased The Old Haunt and was able to secure himself a bottle of the legendary scotch.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

He's an incredibly dedicated zombie.


We better close the beaches. No boating accident, Chief Brody, Hooper. Seriously?