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On Castle this week...

- A man dressed in a Santa costume is found dead in the snow.

T he victim, Edmund (AKA - Santa), had been a wall street wizard who had made a lot of money. His company had inflated mortgages causing several people to lose their home. If an effort to do right, he turned his life around. Edmund left his wife and money behind and started working as a Santa.

- Edmund moved next door to a family who had lost their home because of him. He was helping them with their lawsuit. He worked a Christmas party to get documents from his old company to prove the neighbors deserved to win the suit. As he was flying away in a helicopter with another Santa friend, shots were fired at him.

- The shots came from Edmund’s ex-wife who would lose her money and life style if Edmund blew the whistle on his old company so they could win the lawsuit.

- Castle invites Beckett over for Christmas but she volunteers to work instead. At the last minute, he decides to go see her and she comes to see him at the same time.

- Ryan and Jenny discuss starting to try to have children.

- Javi pays a visit to Edmund’s neighbors to return their clock, who then invite him in for Christmas dinner.

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Castle Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Whether there is a Santa or not, that is not why I love Christmas.


It's bad enough that Santa has been murdered!


Castle Season 5 Episode 9 Music

  Song Artist
Ben rector let it snow Let it Snow Ben Rector iTunes
The reverend horton heat run rudolph run Run Rudolph Run The Reverend Horton Heat iTunes