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Scott McCoy, an unemployed actor is stabbed nine times by an intruder in his apartment. Anton Ford’s fingerprints are found at the scene. Anton has a previous assault charge but it turns out the two were best friends. 

Scott was being used to get the socialite wives of rich husbands into bed and video tape the affair so that the husbands could get out of their prenuptial agreements. Beckett takes Hayley undercover at a spa to track down one of the wives. Turns out all of the husbands used the same attorney, Lindsey Trent. 

Ryan and Espo have Castle go undercover (without Beckett’s approval) to try and hire Lindsay Trent. Beckett ends up viewing their conversation because Castle is wearing video glasses. Just when Lindsay asks if he wants a divorce or if he thinks his marriage is worth saving, his cover is blown but as Rick is being escorted out, Alexis sneaks in and takes photos of the attorney’s journal. 

One of Lindsey’s clients was George Keller but Keller claims he isn’t trying to divorce his wife and they are renewing their vows soon. Keller was actually in a heated battle for the company with his mother. He hired Scott to honeytrap his own mother to make her look bad to the board so that he could discredit her. 

Lindsey and George were working together and when Scott threatened to expose them, Lindsey killed him. 

Esposito and Ryan are in counseling because they can no longer work together without arguing. Espo believes that Ryan is jealous and shot him on purpose. He’s also hurt because Kevin was so shocked that he passed the exam. Ryan thinks that Esposito is using his new position to push him around and belittle him. Rick takes Ryan aside and Kate takes Espo but the boys both say it’s time to get new partners. 

When Espo attempts to arrest Lindsey, she pulls a gun on him. Ryan pushes him out of the way and his little metal notebook stops the bullet. The boys realize how much they mean to one another and decide to remain partners.

Castle tries to surprise Beckett on their first wedding anniversary. Rick wants them to have dinner and Beckett accepts for just the one night, even though Vikram tries to tell her it’s a bad idea. But then their dinner is cancelled when they have to help Esposito and Ryan.

The next day, Kate shows up at the loft with Remy’s take out to celebrate their anniversary. The two spend the night together. Kate asks if he’s lost faith in them. Rick tells her that he’s never given up hope, not since the day they met and that won’t change until she tells him it should. Kate tells him not to change, ever.

While Kate’s in the bathroom, Rick spies a mystery text saying they’ve found something and she needs to get somewhere private asap. Castle pretends he hasn’t seen the text but it’s another clue to what Beckett is involved in. 

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