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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Rules of Engagement

Charmed Review: All Hail Abigael

On Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 8, the Charmed Ones and Harry are forced to make tough decisions about who they can really trust, and who they can't. Our review.
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26 Wickedly Awesome TV Witches

26 Wickedly Awesome TV Witches

Tis the season! Whether wicked or charming, these beloved television witches cast a spell on us! Want to see if your favorite witch made the list? Read on to find out!
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Mel: A young visionary once said, "This is not the end. This is the beginning."
Maggie: Did you just compare me to AOC?

Harry: You are witches. Witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom. That's right, you are the Charmed ones. The most powerful trio of witches.
Mel: He's the new women's studies teacher. I knew something was off about him.