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Beth and April decide to throw a dinner party and double date. At the dinner party it is very awkward for everyone. Graham and Beth make several comments about Leo.

Beth and Graham are at odds about their apartment hunt. They both argue over a coffee shop being close by. Beth gets freaked out about the term of the lease when she thinks it is only going to be 6 months. She tries to make it up with Graham, but he suggests they call it quits because she clearly has commitment issues. Beth is upset about it and cries.

Greer runs away from home and asks Brenne if she can stay over at her house for a few days. Sara isn't too happy, but agrees to let her stay. Greer's parents show up and her mom agrees to cut her off. Greer and Brenna kiss.

Sara is horrified to learn that Owen has a wife. Owen tries to cover his tracks by saying they can't have kids, but Sara isn't having any of it.

Natalie and Dominic try to hide their friendship from April, but it just seems really awkward. The two of them sleep together at the end of the episode.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

It's hard to say Brenna, but in the sucky parents department, I'm always going to win.


Leo: Oh, it's time for a little show?
April: No, it's time to get ready for yoga and support group.