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April is in bed with Leo speaking about how nervous she is about the staff meeting at work. At the staff meeting, Raquel is appointed the new manager. Raquel informs April she is trying to help her.

Beth is speaking about Natalie and Dominic. Greer and Brenna are kissing in the kitchen. Sara comments that she doesn't feel comfortable with the divide between Greer's family.

Danny is boasting to April about a story.  Raquel tells April that she needs the old April back. April promises to get stories her stories.

Natalie and Dominic are talking about how they are going to tell April about them.

Greer gets word that her parents are splitting up and her father has asked her to move in with him.

Danny hacks into April's PC to find out about the story she's working on. April is annoyed and pours his coffee in his bin. In the elevator, Rachel realizes that Danny has hacked her phone.

Brenna is trying to get Sara to let Greer live with them until graduation. She is reluctant, but says she will think about it.

April manages to outsmart Danny and he isn't best pleased.

April tries to let Brenna know that Greer may want to leave and go with her dad.

Sara and Natalie finally reach common ground with each other. Sara asks Brenna to go see Dr Hamburg.

Leo helps Beth out when she needs someone the most.

Brenna is offered to help save an eighteen year olds life.

Leo takes April food at work as he thinks she will be working late. She confides in him about Danny.

Brenna lies to Greer saying that Sara said no about her living there.

Natalie tries to tell April about her and Dominic, but April goes crazy.

Sara rushes to see George, but is shocked to see him kissing someone.

Doctor Hamburg is given bad news about April.



Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm April. Go.


Oh my god, Danny it was one story. Calm down.