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It's supposed to be a happy weekend when Dawson's parents throw their 40th anniversary party. But Cruz spots Boden's stepson James looking battered in the locker room and takes that information to Severide. James insists that he's fine even as he freezes on not one but two calls.

Severide thus escalates the concern to Boden who struggles to broach the issue with his ex-wife.  James reveals that he's being hit by his mother's new boyfriend. Boden promptly administers a beating on the other man in the middle of his restaurant, but the CFD is sympathetic to his cause and makes his suspension only for one shift.

Elsewhere the team rescues two boys injured while playing in a warehouse, one of whom was found hanging upside down and thus winds up in a coma. This devastates Casey, who begins to second-guess if he did enough for the boy, especially after he finds out from Maggie Lockwood at Chicago Med that he died overnight.

Meanwhile Hermann volunteers Kidd and Otis to help at the "Mud Hundred" race as a way of getting more promotion for Molly's, but when the two fight over Kidd's cooking they decide to compete instead. Otis beats Kidd and brings all of the racers back to the bar, getting them plenty of patrons but totally covering the place in mud.

When the party finally arrives Gabby and Antonio are shocked when their father announces that he and their mother are getting divorced. Gabby breaks down crying while Antonio flies into a rage and has a public confrontation with Dad. The former then is shocked to find out that Casey hid the news of the boy's death in order not to bring her down.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm the brains of the operation and you are the brawn. Make Molly's proud.


Brett: Seriously, what is this party?
Dawson: It's what I said. A celebration of life and love and happiness.