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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Got A Friend in Me

Chicago Med: Tough Choices

Our Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 review examines the tough choices our favorite doctors were forced to make and whether they did the right thing.
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Leah: What about Sam?
Nat: Your little brother?
Leah: Sometimes it's like mom and dad hardly notice him. Like he's not even there. Why should I get all the attention?
Nat: Your parents are worried about you because you're sick. I'm sure they love your brother just as much.
Leah: What about the baby? What's it gonna be like for him? I don't want everyone sad 'cause of me. I want us to be a regular family.

Will: It's not my job to listen. I'm a doctor. It's my job to decide what's best for him.
April: *That* is exactly why I'm a nurse.