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After a discussion with Robert about Sarah and how Robert is feigning personality changes to get into her good graces, Daniel reaches out to the parents of the missing girl from Madison. They show him her room and he notices that one monkey from a set of three is missing -- the very monkey that he saw in Robert's study. When he gets back down to Chicago and finds out that Robert will be moving in with Sarah, he confronts Haywood about the evidence. But before he can call the cops, Haywood suffers from a heart attack or stroke. After checking for a pulse, Daniel hesitates to perform CPR, which Sarah notices as she comes into the room. 

An outbreak of Hep A at the homeless camps sends Ethan out into the field and he is surprised to find his sister among the sick kids. After bringing her back to Gaffney, they tentatively mend fences and he decides that she'll come home with him once she's released from the hospital. April objects to the plan, and doesn't seem to have any empathy left for Ethan's younger sister. When he insists that Emily is coming home with them, she breaks up with him. 

Things seem to be going well for Nat and Will, who still hasn't proposed. He asks her to join him on the balcony after their shift, where he has a romantic set up planned. But before they head out, they stop in to see the newly separated twins and Nat realizes just who Will fooled around with. She storms out of the hospital and Will chases her down. He picks that moment to propose, but we don't hear her answer. 

Nat treats the homeless girl who's baby she delivered for Hep A, but also diagnoses her with Hep C. The baby is brought in so she can be tested, and the new parents consent to Laura seeing the baby, Anna. After seeing her baby, Laura dies. 

Despite pulling himself off the separation surgery, Connor watches from the observation room. Another doctor asks him questions, and his prescient responses about what's going on and what problems the surgeons are facing catches the attention of another observer. When Latham and Ava are faced with an unforeseen defect in one twin's heart, Connor can't stop himself and goes into the OR to offer a solution. It's unconventional and risky, but Latham okays it, asking Connor to scrub in. After the separation is complete, the observer from before asks to speak with Connor. Outside the hospital, Ava questions if Will's humility about his judgment was all an act so that he could play the hero. She sees the ambition that other people miss and is hurt that he's received an offer from the Mayo Clinic, someplace she was hoping to be considered. 

Burt comes in to the ED after a suicide attempt, and after much cajoling, Sharon is convinced to talk to him. On top of her personal issues, she's dealing with the Hep A outbreak and the PR about the twin separation. She puts off going to speak to the board, and is blindsided to find out that the ED has a new chief of trauma and the hospital has a new COO. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Daniel: So Burt isn't talking to Dr. Chapman, he isn't talking to Dr. Reese, he's not even talking to me. You two were married for thirty years, thirty years. I'm sorry, I'm just asking, could you please, could you, could you talk to him? Just try and open him up?
Sharon: So, you think because of all those good years that I owe him something now?
Daniel: I'm just saying that coming from you, it might make a difference, that's all.
Sharon: Well, let me ask you this, Daniel, what did Burt owe me when he walked out?

Ava: He pulled himself off.
Nat: Why? Because we lost a patient?
Connor: I lost her and her baby because of my poor judgement. I made the wrong call on her treatment.
Nat: But the Cronins are counting on you.
Ava: They're counting on the team.