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Will continues to keep secrets from Natalie about the situation with Ray and Jay. He fulfills his first task as a CI, dropping a bug at Ray's house, but is nervous the whole time. His blood pressure goes through the roof when Roy shows up to talk to him at the ED later that day. But the old-timer isn't onto Will, he just felt bad that he hadn't owned up to symptoms in front of his boys. Will reviews Ray's EKG at home and realizes the man is in heart failure. 

Just as Ethan starts to warm up to Bernie, the man is brought into the ED with alcohol toxicity. Worse, his wife and teenage daughter show up to check on him. Ethan is outraged and arranges for Emily to find out the truth by telling her there was more paperwork for her to sign and that she needed to come back to the hospital. His plan backfires though -- Bernie's wife decides to leave him, but not Emily. 

Natalie treats a young rape victim who won't admit what happened to her and whose mother is insisting on a rape kit. Nat finally gets the mother to admit her own rape to the teenager, who then agrees to the rape kit. 

Collin is gung-ho about getting his bypass machine and is trying to hunt down the hybrid OR donor's to squeeze more money out of them. He tries to enlist Ava in his investigation, but she's afraid he'll find out she went to his father and lashes out at him, accusing him of being ungrateful for what he already has and that his only motivation for the bypass machine is so that he doesn't have surrender control of patients to her. He admits he was wrong and that he stayed at Med because of her, but she's still worried about him finding out about her deal with his dad. 

Ava treats a man who is refusing care because of his Huntington's. The team accepts his decision...until his son shows up. The man refuses to see him and has already requested that his medical records be sealed for 50 years after his death. He secretly had his son tested as a child and he's positive, but he doesn't want him to know and possibly ruin his life. Daniel finds a way around HIPPA violations by suggesting that the son request an autopsy on his father. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

You don't need a dedicated bypass machine. You only want one 'cause you hate it when you have to bring patients upstairs to me. You have everything you need right in front of you to make this thing work. Stop always grasping for more and appreciate what you've got!

Ava [to Connor]

Maggie: Was it as awkward as I imagined?
Nat: Father Brady was a doll. Will on the other hand...
Maggie: What did he do now?