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Stella is brought into the ED with serious injuries. Connor is called in and he and Ava determine that they need to remove her right lung, but the team from 51 objects strongly. They eventually convince Connor to take a more conservative approach. Ava isn't on board with this, but it's Connor's patient. Despite difficulties, he's able to find the bleed and only has to remove a small portion of her lung, meaning that she'll be able to continue her career as a firefighter. 

Daniel is concerned about Otis after he passes out in the ED. He pushes Otis to admit his PTSD from the shooting and that he's having trouble coping with what he saw in the fire. Otis refuses, saying that admitting weakness would mean giving up his job. Daniel offers to keep their sessions off the books, but Otis is still reluctant. He eventually admits that he keeps seeing the woman and baby who died in the elevator, but insists that he'll deal with things in his own way, like a firefighter. Daniel reluctantly releases him after seeing the team from 51 gathering together and supporting each other but implies to Maggie that he expects Otis will need help in the future. 

Will and Jay butt heads over their father's care when Sam declares him brain dead. Jay lashes out at Will, betraying his resentment of his little brother's success and ability to drop out of the family problems. Because his last conversation with his father was a fight, Jay is reluctant to remove Mr. Halstead from the ventilator. Will doesn't want to prolong things and is upset when Gwen stops by and insists that there is no rush to make a decision. He becomes even more upset when he realizes that she wasn't motivated by any feelings of kindness or solidarity but because their father's bypass surgery was less than a month ago and if he dies it will be reported as a negative outcome on the hospital's record. Jay eventually comes around to Will's point of view. The brothers talk things through but their issues aren't easily resolved. 

Nat treats a burn victim whose parents refuse treatment for her, deciding that after battling self-image issues she wouldn't want to face the kind of recovery in store for her. She's removed from the vent but she keeps breathing on her own, convincing the parent's to reverse their decision and allow Ava's team to perform life-saving surgery for her. 

Choi and a never before seen attending clash over the care of a Jane Doe burn victim. The new doc is smug about Choi making the wrong treatment call when the girl develops compartment syndrome. Choi is vindicated in the end...the compartment syndrome wasn't caused by his orders but by a broken bone concealed by the burns. The pair discovers that the woman was beaten before the fire started. They call in PD, but before an officer can speak to her, the woman disappears. 

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