On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5, Natalie disapproves when her toddler patient's parents refuse to give him antibiotics or other non-holistic treatment for an illness.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 revolves around decisions patients and doctors have to make.

Choi resents it when Marcel and Noah examine his patient without permission, but Marcel is convinced the guy needs surgery. An MRI shows a mass in the patient's bowels that could be causing him problems, but Choi thinks the surgery is too risky while Marcel thinks if they don't do it now the patient could become septic and die.

Meanwhile, Natalie is irritated that she is given an easy case involving a toddler with a nosebleed, but things get complicated when the parents reveal they don't believe in traditional medicine and won't let Natalie give the child antibiotics. Natalie becomes convinced the kid has pneumonia, but the parents think she is just trying to make the child sick and run unnecessary tests.

Will steps in, which distracts him from calling the fiancee of a patient who has a pulmonary embolism. Will promises he will call ASAP but the patient crashes.

And Dr. Charles sees a patient who doesn't want to believe she could have bipolar disorder, while Maggie struggles to deal with her cancer on her own.

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On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5, Choi and Marcel don't see eye-to-eye on the treatment of a patient's chronic pain and rumors start to circulate about Maggie.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Just remember there's an actual person on the table, not just a body.


Natalie: I'll do the intake then pass it off to Terry. This has med student written all over it.
Will: No no no. Lanic wants you to take it.
Natalie: I have charts from pediatrics to catch up on.
Will: I'll take care of it.
Natalie: Are you kidding? I am late because traffic sucked, not because of my TBI.