On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12, Will and Maggie both fight for patients who don't have much time left, while Marcel tries to save two young crash victims.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12 revolves around people who don't seem to have much of a chance.

At the safe injection site, Will meets Mike, a heroin addict with a heart condition. Mike doesn't want to go to the hospital but Will convinces him that he needs a valve replacement. However, at the hospital Dr Latham refuses to do the procedure because Mike has already destroyed two replacement valves through heroin use.

Latham agrees he will do the procedure if Dr Charles signs off on it. Charles won't and thinks Will needs to stop working at the safe injection site and that Mike will not stay clean. Will and Charles argue, and then Will gives Mike a prescription for anti-depressants that he tells Latham Charles approved. Later, Charles accuses Will of letting his personal feelings cloud his professional judgment.

Meanwhile, Maggie is upset when a fellow chemo patient ends up in the hospital. Gary needs a bone marrow transplant ASAP or he will die, but his donor has a fever so the doctor won't do the procedure. Maggie starts testing staff members, trying to find a new donor, but Sharon shuts that down because they are needed in the ED. However, a bunch of patients' family members come forward and offer to be tested.

Finally, Dr. Marcel insists on breaking protocol and doing a risky procedure to try to save two kids who were impaled during a bus crash.

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On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12, the team deals with the aftermath of a school bus crash while Maggie goes out of her way to help a friend in need.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Reid: Gary's donor has the flu. Her temp is 100.3
Maggie: But that shouldn't affect her bone marrow.
Reid: The cut off is 99.9
Maggie: But Gary has a rare type. No one else in the system is a match.
Reid: Well, hopefully the donor will get better soon.
Maggie: The longer we wait, the more unstable his rhythm gets. It's only half a degree. Can't we just make an exception?
Reid: I'm sorry, but no. We can't.

Charles: This patient, you didn't happen to run across him at the safe injection site, did you?
Will: I know you think this is a bad idea, but we're doing a lot of good.
Charles: It's illegal, bud. You won't do anyone any good if you lose your license or go to jail.