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The season 6 premiere of Chicago PD jumped right in and tackled unresolved issues from the former season. 

Voight was benched for shooting the man who ordered the prison kill on Olinsky. 

Even after Voight realized there was video proof that his shot at the man was warranted, the new superintendent, Brennan, who was determined to rid the streets of "corrupt" cops, said that no video proving his innocence existed. 

Also not doing him any favors was Antonio's testimony which infuriated Ruzek because he couldn't understand how he couldn't back up one of his own. 

Things escalated rather quickly when Antonio was placed as the lead during Voight's temporary time-out. 

Ruzek continued to defy Antonio whose "by the books" approach slowed down the case. 

There were a few face-to-face confrontations before the two of them went at it in a physical confrontation. 

Eventually, Ruzek illegally looped in Voight to get the necessary intel to figure out who the supplier of the battery acid-laced heroine was before it killed another dozen young adults. 

Voight's approach has always been on the shadier side and it involved ambushing the girlfriend of said supplier and threatening to burn all $170 thousand dollars he left her if he didn't reveal where the rest of the drugs were. 

Brennan cleared Voight in the end after Antonio confessed that he was responsible for helping them figure out the drug case of the week. 

Much like the rest of the team, Voight was still grieving and processing Olinsky's death. 

He told Platt that he'd cover the funeral costs, he struck up a deal with Brennan to exonerate him so that his family would receive the pension, and he honored her wishes by not outright attending the funeral. 

Voight was there, watching on the sidelines as the rest of his unit carried the casket to its final resting place. 

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Wait, so is this business or is this some sicko serial killer out here just trying to kill people with dope instead of bullets?


You are benched until further notice.