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Madam Satan shares a story with Sabrina about how she was a student of her father's and he asked her to protect Sabrina. She also says she loved him and that is something Sabrina starts to believe, as well as her aunts. 

Sabrina's friends share with her their experiences with Uncle Jesse, especially that they have been seeing him again. She starts to worry and goes to see his condition, realizing he is possessed. Father Blackwood tells Sabrina that witches can't perform exorcisms but she refuses to let him die.

Madam Satan convinces Sabrina and her aunts that they can conduct an exorcism, and they do. They manage to save Uncle Jesse but Madam Satan goes back and kills him later that night.

Meanwhile, Ambrose struggles with not being able to leave the house. He asks Father Blackwood but it doesn't look promising. He shares with Hilda that Luke never answered him back, and that inspires her to slip him some love drops in his coffee when he visits her new job at the bookstore.

Susie learns more about their uncle, specifically how their family viewed his sexuality. They push to let their father know that it isn't an example of some problem and he shouldn't be sent away to an asylum for it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

How do you feel about wearing a costume while you’re working here?

Dr. Cerberus

Cases of actual demonic possession are extremely rare, despite what the False God and his propaganda machine would have you believe.