Caring For Rox - Code Black
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Ariel is missing and the cops aren't of much use. Leanne tries to distract herself at work when a stage collapses at a local college festival but quickly ends up leaving again. She heads over to Max and Owen's house in desperation. Owen is reluctant to help but ultimately caves to her pleas. Going through the kids' texts, they find out that Ariel was still in contact with a girl she met in foster care. They visit Emily, who tells them that Joy is effectively homeless. She remembers that they once mentioned the 8th street bridge, which is near Angels. Jesse, Owen, and Leanne head down to the homeless encampment, but they don't have any luck locating the errant teen. 

Rox is in a medically induced coma, but Ethan is ready for her to wake up. He butts heads with the General in charge of her case and is ordered to leave the hospital and get some rest. Instead, he aids a soldier he meets in the hallway who in return helps him hack into Rox's files. After seeing her MRI, Ethan decides that the general is wrong and that she's ready to wake up. He turns off the machines in her room and sets about waking her. But because of her pneumonia and the time that she's been on a ventilator, her lung collapses. The general enters the room to find Ethan with his hand in Rox's chest. After the chest tube is placed, the general has Ethan arrested by the MPs. The mysterious wounded soldier visits Ethan in the brig...and Ethan realizes that he has the same tattoo as Robert. The general and Will watch a security feed as Ethan yells at an empty room. 

Angus talks a patient into risky surgery, and Elliot thinks that he didn't appropriately inform the patient or her family about the risks of the procedure. The surgery seems to go well, and Angus is complimented by the neurosurgeon, but the patient is suffering from aphasia when she awakes. Elliot is the one that is able to connect with her, bringing a piano to her room where she plays a song she wrote for her daughter. 

With two of the ER attendings out of the rotation, Mario picks up the slack when a mass casualty hits Angel's His calm under extreme pressure impresses Will, who offers him the attending position. Mario is psyched until he finds out that the program Noa is interested in is in Philadelphia. She doesn't think a long distance relationship is a good idea, and he ends things with her, knowing that she'll get the spot. 

Noa works with a pregnant patient who is injured during the stage collapse. Even though the patient dies, it reaffirms her desire to change specialties and pursue the program in Philadelphia. 

Diego's father is an even bigger ass than Diego. He's constantly looking for his son to screw up which only ensures such an outcome. He puts the kibosh on the documentary (even though other members of the board liked it) and starts to get a little creepy with Noa. Guthrie picks up on the tension between father and son. He doesn't let Diego continue to use it as an excuse to act like an ass, but he does give the younger doctor additional support, voicing his confidence in the intern. 

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Code Black Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

We're your friends. Don't turn us into enemies.

Jesse [to Leanne]

Ethan [about Rox]: Her kidneys are failing!
General: That's reversible. Death is not.